Vertical Scout Vertical Scout

Mechanical Vertical Rotary Steerable System

The Vertical Scout is a fully mechanical, vertical rotary steerable system. Its unique design ensures the system autonomously seeks verticality as soon as wellbore deviation is encountered, without the requirement for any surface commands.

The Vertical Scout is suitable for any vertical application where challenging drilling conditions exist, such as consolidated formations, highly dipped formations or salt zones. It will ensure a smooth vertical wellbore can be achieved while maximizing ROP.


  • Vertical drilling
  • Areas with highly dipped formations
  • High-temperature wells
  • Saltwater disposal wells
  • Hole sizes 6″- 26″


  • Cost-effective mechanical vertical control
  • Full surface rotation, no sliding required
  • Can be run with positive displacement motors
  • Smoother wellbore compared to steerable motor
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