About Us

Since 2017 Scout Drilling Technologies has been focused on
delivering leading-edge solutions through execution and innovative
technologies. Intelligent technologies have allowed us to evolve BHAs
and optimize the wellbore through defined steps as determined by data
analysis from downhole sensor technologies and MWD systems. Our
experienced team of drilling professionals knows how to return maximum
ROI for our clients, and we believe customer service is the key to our success.
We align all of our activities with that belief.

We offer our clients the most innovative service in the industry because
we have in-house manufacturing and engineering professionals that have
spent years designing leading-edge solutions for the directional drilling industry.
With a commitment to continual improvement, our goal is always to help our
clients meet the challenges of the ever-changing downhole drilling industry.

Through the use of intelligent technologies, we can optimize the BHA to
improve drilling performance.