Steady Torque Steady Torque

Torsional Absorber for Stick-Slip Mitigation

Steady Torque mitigates the effects of stick-slip by converting excess torque into axial movement, reducing weight-on-bit as needed.

The torque conversion is done through a torsional absorber component utilizing a helical spline. As torque increases the helical spline causes the Steady Torque to decrease in length. This temporary shortening of the tool reduces weight-on-bit to decrease bit cutting depth. As torque decreases, the Steady Torque extends in length to maintain weight-on-bit. The axial extension and compression are controlled by a stack of high-strength disc springs. As the Steady Torque maintains a constant weight-on-bit, it decreases stick-slip, thereby increasing the rate of penetration by keeping the bit rotating for a higher percentage of time.

The torsional and axial vibrations absorbed by the Steady Torque are beneficial to the life of the bit and other downhole components. 


  • Rotary steerable BHAs
  • Drilling through formation transitions
  • High stick-slip and HFTO mitigation


  • Torsional absorption
  • Higher rates of penetration
  • Extended bit life
  • Reduced damage to downhole components
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