Steady Scout® Steady Scout®

Stick-Slip Management Tool

Steady Scout improves drilling performance and extends bit life by reducing the peak RPMs and differential spikes experienced during stick-slip. The Steady Scout absorbs fluctuations from motor differential pressure, resulting in steady weight-on-bit, consistant depth of cut, and steady drill string pressure.

Using Steady Scout results in significant cost reductions through improved bit life, better drilling performance, and reduced damage to drill string components.


  • All PDM/PDC applications
  • All well profiles (vertical, tangent, and lateral)
  • Areas of stick-slip, poor tool control, and bit DBR


  • Stick-slip management
  • Reduced shock and vibration
  • Improved ROP in rotary and slide modes
  • Consistent tool face control
  • Extends bit and BHA component life
  • Can be fitted with CuBIC® drilling dynamics sensors from Sanvean Technologies
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PERFORMANCE as seen from CuBIC Data

CuBIC° drilling dynamics sensors from Sanvean Technologies can be embedded within Steady Scout for post-run performance verification.