Positive Mud Pulse MWD System

The TRACKER MWD tool from Scout Drilling Technologies offers some of the fastest surveys available with data transfer rates of up to 2 bits per second. It includes real-time shock, vibration, stick-slip and natural gamma ray.

The tool can be down-linked while downhole using flow or RPM commands, providing flexibility for unforeseen events while drilling. It is also capable of dynamic sequencing whereby different data can be provided while sliding and rotating.

The continuous inclination and azimuth measurements are second to none, thus providing early warning for directional corrections.


  • Rated to 350°
  • Flow rates of 125 gpm - 1200 gpm
  • 30 lbs/bbl LCM capability (with proper mixing)
  • Top and bottom mount pulser options
  • Long-life batteries (+400 hours)
  • 392°F tool interconnects
  • Memory for diagnostics to help determine root cause of downhole incidents
  • Continuous inclination and azimuth
  • Realtime vibration, shock and stick-slip
  • Flow or RPM downlink
  • Rotation/sliding modes

Specifications Specifications

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