Turbo Scout Turbo Scout

Turbo Scout Drilling Motors

Turbo Scout drilling motors have established a solid reputation in North America shale drilling for strength and reliability. They are designed and built mechanically stronger than your average drilling motor, enabling them to handle higher torque and increased WOB.

The bearing assembly can be selected based on the drilling application utilizing an innovative interchangeable bottom-end platform. Diamond Mud Lubricated, Ball & Race Mud Lubricated, and Oil Sealed motors are available. Our motor technology is patent protected.

Scout Drilling Technologies partners with Industry premium power section providers to deliver maximum ROP and reliability. We have in-house engineering to oversee elastomer FIT to ensure optimal performance in each application.


  • RSS or conventional drilling


  • High-torque drive lines, single or double articulated for varying conditions
  • Mandrel catch included in all TDI motors
  • Robust and reliable through long-life radial and thrust bearings
  • Stress relief to external components relieves stress at threaded connections
  • Can be embedded with CuBIC® drilling dynamics data recorders from Sanvean Technologies


  • Interchangeable bottom-end platform
  • Optimized bit-to-bend length and stabilization for slide yield and neutral rotary tendency
  • Increased weight-on-bit
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced NPT
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